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I Can Understand It

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 I'm glad you can


 ^ I know everybody realizes that a man works better when he works out of his own band
Can you understand that, I can understand that

Woah, yeah, yeah, something sweet as a candy bar
My girl in need, that's what you are, oh, I, I can understand it
Jack and Jill going up the hill, storybooks and fairytales, I, I can understand it

And if our love gets to be anything but this
If someone gets to feel your warm and tender kiss
Oh, tell me, baby, how will I ever understand it, baby

Get on down, baby, gonna do it on the good foot, yeah
Gonna do it on the right foot, baby, gonna do it on the left foot, baby
Look here, yall, something cool but not too cold
Girl, you got to give to get, you know, I, I can understand it
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