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Adam Wade


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As If I Didn't Know

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 It's like he expects his relationships to tank.


 ^ You swore to me you were my one and only
Though deep inside I knew it wasn't true
Since you've been gone my days are cold and lonely
I just can't seem to want somebody new

As if I didn't know that you were lying
And that your game of love would 'cause me woe
In spite of all the times you left me crying, I played your game, as if I didn't know

They warned me that someday I'd learn a lesson
And that a broken heart would be the 'cause
Believe me when I say that I'm confessing, I'm glad I loved you, even though I lost

As if I didn't know, someday you'd hurt me
As if I couldn't tell you'd grieve me so
And even though it's true, you did desert me, I still love you, as if I didn't know
I still love you, as if I didn't know
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