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Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)

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 Isn't this a song the Gaelic Chicks (or whatever) sing


 ^ Let me sail, let me sail, let the Orinoco flow
Let me reach, let me beach on the shores of Tripoli
Let me sail, let me sail, let me crash upon your shore
Let me reach, let me beach far beyond the Yellow Sea

De de de de de x4
Sail away x12

From Bissau to Palau in the shade of Avalon
From Fiji to Tiree and the isles of Ebony
From Peru to Cebu, feel the power of Babylon
From Bali to Cali, far beneath the Coral Sea

De de de de de x4
Turn it up x12
Adieu, ooh
Sail away x12

From the North to the South, Ebudau unto Khartoum
From the deep Sea of Clouds to the Island of the Moon
Carry me on the waves to the lands I've never been
Carry me on the waves to lands I've never seen
We can sail, with the Orinoco flow
We can sail away
We can steer, we can near with Rob Dickins at the wheel
We can sigh, say good-bye Ross and his dependencies
We can sail away x12
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