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 A party standard, or so I was told


 ^ People get ready, it's time to show what you got
Players take your place, it's only one way to the top
You must feel the victory release that energy and ride like the wind
With fire in your eyes shake those butterflies and do the best you can
Victory, victory, let the party begin, victory, victory, let's do it again

You are the best, you seem to stand out from the rest
Your intentions, to be more than a honorable mention, you must feel that victory
Release that energy and ride like the wind, fire in your eyes shake those butterflies
Go ahead and go for the win now, victory, victory, let the party begin
Victory, victory, everybody can win

'Cause it's the same way in life, same way in life
Inside the tunnel see the light, see the light
The perfect balance you must find
It's the same way in life, victory, victory, victory

Victory, sweet, ooh, victory, sweet
Victory, sweet, can you feel It
Victory, sweet, so sweet, so sweet

There's only one way to the top if you really want it
You can never stop pushin' for the, victory, go ahead
Players take your places, go ahead
Feel that victory release that energy
So sweet to the top, go ahead, go ahead
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