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Millie Jackson


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It Hurts So Good

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 Nothing can hurt that good


 ^ First, you take my heart in the palm of your hands, and you squeeze it
Then you take my mind, and play with it all night
You take my pride and you throw it up against the wall
You take me in your arms, baby, and bounce me like a rubber ball

I'm not complaining, what you're doing, you see
'Cause this hurting feeling, is, ooh, so good to me
Don't you know that it hurts so good x2

Ooh-ooh, you take my name, scandalize it in the streets
Anything you wanna do or say is alright with me
Turn right around and make sweet love to me
Oooh-wee, baby, you're sure 'nuff good to me

'Cause, baby, these things you're doing to me
It hurts so bad but it's worth all the misery
'Cause it hurts so good, don't you know that
It hurts so good, ooh-hoo, baby, ooh baby

Ooh, boy, please don't ever take the hurt off me
'Cause it would hurt even worse if you would ever, ever leave (oh, yes, it would)
Even though sometimes, it's hard for me to beg (this heart is killing me)
I make myself hold out, 'cause if it kills me, I don't care

'Cause, baby (baby) I don't want you to ever quit
It ain't no good until it hurts a little bit

'Cause it hurts so good, don't you know that it hurts so good, oh, baby
It hurts so good, don't you ever, don't you ever stop now, baby
Give me some, baby (Lord, have mercy)
It hurts so good, don't you know that it hurts so good to me
Good for me, yeah, yeah, hurts so good, ooh, baby
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