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 Ooh Ooh, or just, eew?


 ^ Just when we think we conquered it, it seems we lose the fight again
But there's just no stoppin' it, it's like a bad dream that never ends
It puts up walls between us, that get harder, and harder
And harder, and harder, and harder to remove
But we let it continue, like people in love always do
Ooh, ooh x3

Lets not pretend that we're unique, 'cause everybody's tasted loves illusion
We try to hide the fact that we, got lost between the chaos and confusion
And the love we feel, is gettin' deeper, and deeper
And deeper, and deeper, and deeper, by the minute
But we let it slip away, 'cause we don't know a good thing while we're in it
Ooh, ooh x3
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