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 ^ You know girls, it's hard to find a guy that really blows your mind
And you just dig everything he does, like, like when
He gives you that great big special hug, and that, uum, heavy kiss
Girls, you know the kind, the kind that's in the wrong place at the wrong time
And it really turns you on, well, I had a guy like that
Then that time that happens to all of us, we had an argument
And like all, and I mean all us girls, I said some pretty dumb things
Like, like get lost, I don't want to see you anymore
But he was cool, he just stood there looking so hurt

And he said, "If that's the way you want it" and he split
And I just stood there looking dumb, and let that man walk right out of my life
And I've been as evil as a wet hen ever since
I told myself I wasn't gonna sweat it, but I did
Oh, he was inside of me, and my thoughts, my dreams
Everyplace I went, I saw his face, and my friends, they knew, I know they knew

And then one evening I was standing at the bus stop
And I heard a voice behind me say "Hi baby", oh, I just fell apart inside
Because I hadn't heard that voice in such a long time
I turned around and there he was, looking good
Oh, I just can't tell you just how good that man looked to me
And as I stood there, trying to maintain myself, he asked me if I had a few minutes
I really wanted to tell him that I have a lifetime, but I couldn't blow my cool

So we stopped at a cozy little place, and I guess the shock of seeing him
Made me order a martini, because that's something I'd never done before
But I thought I needed something stronger than coffee than hanging on
Oh, the music was soft, and the lights were low
And that drink has started going to my head
He hadn't said anything about us, so I knew it was my move, and it had to be now
I could feel my nerves building, I couldn't let him go, not this time, not this time
So I took his hand, look him straight into the eyes and I said, I said, I said

Maybe, if I prayed every night (on my knees) you'd come home to me (home, home)
And maybe, baby, if I cry every day you'll come back, you'd come back to stay
Maybe (maybe, maybe, baby)

Oh, oh maybe, if I could hold your hand (maybe)
You'd understand (maybe, maybe, baby)
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, if I just kissed your sweet lips, you'd be at my command
Maybe (maybe, maybe, baby) oh, oh, maybe (maybe, maybe, baby)
Yeah, maybe (maybe, maybe, baby)
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