How do I use the website?

The home page allows you to be as specific or generic in your searches as you choose to be. Populating any of the search fields will restrict your search to your search criteria. For example, I don’t remember anything about the song except that it was popular when I was a Senior in High School, 1979, and it had the word “shoe” in the lyrics. Enter what you know, click on submit, and the songs that match your search criteria will be displayed.

What is the ‘Artist’ field, and what does it do?

The Artist field, if populated, determines what songs are displayed based on your search. If left unpopulated, the results will not be Artist-restricted. Just enter what you know and will show you all the artists that meet your search criteria. For example, ‘Led Z’ will return Led Zeppelin while ‘A’ will show you all the artists that begin with the letter A.

What is the ‘Title’ field, and what does it do?

The Title field, if populated, determines what songs are displayed based on your search. If left unpopulated, the results will not be Title-restricted.

What is the ‘Rank’ field, and what does it do?

Rank is the highest that a song climbed in the pop charts. Populating this field with Top 10, 20, 30, 40 or Any, will return the songs that meet your search criteria. If left unpopulated, the results will not be Rank-restricted. 999 means that the song did not chart.

What is the ‘By Decade’, ‘By Year’, and ‘Clear’ section?

This is how, should you choose, you restrict by year or years. For example, if you want to only listen to songs from 1977, select the By Year radio button, select 1977 from the drop down list, and click on submit. If you want to listen to songs from the 1960’s, select the radio button next to By Decade, select 1960’s, and click submit. If you change your mind, click on Clear to reset the options.

What is the ‘Lyrics’ field, and what does it do?

This is part of what makes so much fun. If you remember a phrase, or a word, or a lyric from a song that you want to listen to, put it in the Lyrics field and click submit. Keep in mind that unless you restrict by some of the other available fields, you could get thousands of songs in your query. The website actually looks through all of the song’s lyrics to find the songs that contain that word, or phrase or lyric, and returns them all to you. Then you just find the one(s) you want to listen to, and play them.

How are the results of my searches sorted?

All searches are sorted and listed by Artist, then Year and then Song Title.

Where do all of these songs come from?

Each song on has 11 pieces of information that are needed before I will post them to the website. All of the information is already out there, and all I am trying to do is bring all of that information together in a single, searchable database. 99.9% of the songs are all Youtube postings that other music lovers have posted.

What years and which artists are on

The years are 1900 through 1990, and the artists are any who were pop artists, or who crossed over into the pop world during those years. So, for example, although Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, The Oak Ridge Boys and Hank Williams are considered country music stars, they had songs that were hits on Billboard; therefore, they and many others can also be found on

How is able to do this?

The website is display only, is only gathering all the information already available on the internet into a single, searchable database, is playing Youtube videos with the Youtube video player, does not allow a visitor to download a song, but only listen to it, and does not charge anything to use it.

What is the ‘Random Play’ feature, and what does it do?

The Random Play feature allows a visitor to create a play list. This play list will not be saved, so upon the next visit, it would need to be recreated.

To create a random play list, populate the Artist, Title, Rank, Year and/or Lyrics fields however you want, put a checkmark in the ‘Add search results to my Random Playlist’ box, and click submit. The songs that are displayed match the criteria entered.

On the upper right of the next screen, you’ll see a ‘Random Playlist’ tab with the number of songs that met your selection criteria. If you click on ‘Random Playlist’, it will show you the songs that based on the selection criteria, are loaded in your random playlist. To begin playing your Random Playlist, start any of the songs listed. The random playlist will play until you stop it. You can click the ‘Next’ button if you want to skip a song, or if a song attempts to play that has a broken link, or displays some other message.

If you want to remove a song from your random playlist, in your random playlist, just remove the check mark at the left of the song, and it will be removed from your playlist. If you want to delete a song from your playlist, click on the red x to the right of the song, and the song will be removed from your random playlist.

The ‘Clear’ button in the upper right hand corner of your random playlist will empty your playlist. Clicking on the x at the bottom right of the random playlist window will close the random playlist window.

Can I create a random playlist with multiple searches?

Yes. For example, from the home page, populate the Artist field with any artist, say, ABBA, put the checkmark in ‘Add search results to my Random Playlist’, then click Submit, then click on Home or the logo, and populate the fields on the home page with whatever else you want added, then put a checkmark in the ‘Add search results to my Random Playlist’, and so on and so on, until you have what you want to listen to. Once you start the first song, all of the songs in your multiple selection Random Playlist are available to be played. To see what songs are there, click on the Random Playlist tab on the results page.

What is the ‘Explore Geezer-Tunes’ panel, and how do I use it?

While listening to a song, Geezer-Tunes will populate 10 other songs in the Explore Geezer-Tunes Panel. When playing around with the website, I found that I had forgotten about some of my favorites, but once I saw them, and played them, they took me back to ‘that’ time. The purpose of this panel is just to try to jog your memory. And, if you put a checkmark in any of the boxes to the left of the songs listed in the Explore Geezer-Tunes panel, those songs will be added to your random playlist.

Any of the songs you see listed in the Explore Geezer-Tunes panel with a checkmark indicate that those songs are already part of your Random Playlist. So, you can add songs to your Random Playlist, or remove songs from your Random Playlist simply by adding a checkmark or removing the checkmark in this panel. Geezer-Tunes will confirm both adding and removing songs from your Random Playlist.

While in the Explore Geezer-Tunes panel, if you click on the song title, the song currently playing will stop and Geezer-Tunes will begin playing the song you just selected. If you click on the Artist (By) link, it will open a window with all songs for that artist in

What is the ‘Shuffle’ button in the Explore Geezer-Tunes panel?

The Shuffle button will repopulate the Explore Geezer-Tunes panel with 10 more randomly selected songs.

Can I share a song with someone?

Absolutely. Once you find the song you want to share, as it plays, you’ll see the unique id for the song in your browser. Just highlight the entire URL and copy it, (Ctrl+C) then paste (Ctrl+V) the URL in your message. When the recipient clicks on the URL, it will open, select that song, and play.

I want to play a song, but the link is broken.

I run a utility that is supposed to show me any broken Youtube links that I have posted, then I find another post and replace the link. You can use the ‘Contact Us’ link to send me an email, but I am working broken links as quickly as I find them. And there are several reasons for a link to stop working.

The song posted isn’t how I remember it.

I do my best to find the best post, both audio and video, as I best remember hearing it on the radio when growing up. And I do my best to avoid posts that have advertising on the front end. Sometimes that means I have to wait to find another post.

The song I wanted to listen to said that Geezer-Tunes refused to play the link.

Call it censorship if you must, but there are some songs, most of them from the late 80’s, that either because of the lyrics or the posted video, I refuse to link to. The song(s) will still show up, but when you attempt to play them, you’ll get the refusal post.

My kids, family and friends play with this website, and I won’t link to anything that, in my opinion, could hurt or injure any of them.

How many Artists and Songs do you have on Geezer-Tunes?

Currently, for artists that had singles between 1900 and 1990, I have around 4,000, and between them, about 48,000 songs. Of those songs, only about 13,000 are currently available for play on Some of that difference is because I’m still looking for a Youtube post for a song, or I haven’t finished figuring out the lyrics. But I do continue to work the list and add new stuff nearly every day. If you have a song you want added, let me know by clicking on the Contact Us tab and sending me an email.

Does have smart apps?

Yes, and the apps are available at the following locations;